“Since childhood I have never been a stranger to filmmaking; my uncle was an influential man in the world of theatre and I got used to seeing shows come together with stage rehearsals, light direction, scene changes, choreography, and the people who were part of it—and everything in that world that would one day represent my future.”
      After collaborating with various production event structures, after long years of gruelling apprenticeships around the world, and after gaining those experiences that allowed him to become autonomous and independent in the world of fashion, in 1996 Alessandro Mazzini decided to found the company that would bear his name, created to operate nationally and internationally in the production of services for image events.
      His style of direction is almost craftsmanship, edited personally and together with his crew down to the smallest details: from choice of location to set design, to framing and lights, to searching for the right soundtrack.
      His strong passion and especially that great persistence with which he tackles his work every day, have allowed him to build a solid framework with offices in Milan and Rome consisting of qualified professionals.
      The admiration that Alessandro Mazzini has felt for show business has today become his life passion, as well as his profession.